Garlicraft is a mobile application that helps you track group travel expenses, and split individual bills fast and intuitively. The only thing you need to do is logging your expenses with your group. No math, no worries, and no more awkward moment of splitting bills back and forth.

Garlicraft is also an intimate space for your group to chat and share joy along your way. You don't only share bills, you share memories. Here are what you can expect with Garlicraft:

  • Track travel expenses shared with friends
  • Worry-free smart calculator for splitting bills
  • Detail-driven logs to document all group financial activities
  • Social space to chat and share memories
  • And.. yes, we will provide you with special offers and deals for your trip. Experience the VIP-treatment all the time.


Love the deals!

The deals are really well designed for us, this app knows better about us than we expected.

Someone from Appstore


I really like it that there is no more need to do the complex math!

Someone from Appstore

Like the layout!

Cute layout, a really clear view of all information.

Someone from Appstore

Thank You!

Thank you for helping me doing all the documenting, memoring and math.

Someone from Appstore


Interesting function of tracking log information, helps me to remember many details.

Someone from Appstore


Best travel expenses tracking app ever.